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Welcome to MailBox Quilts

WHAT IS THIS?   Hi everyone! This is Glenda from Liberty Homestead. Welcome to the new home of Mailbox Quilts. Maria Tamaoka from Pinwheels and I have joined forces for this exciting new venture. And I’m here to tell you all about it. “What is This?” is a very good place to start. Mailbox Quilts is a new & unique approach to quilt design. Take two independent designers - each with her own particular style, each with her own exclusive fabric line, each designing her own choice of quilt blocks – and combine all that into one cohesive little quilt. Sound like a challenge? Well, it is! And it’s one that we’ve embraced and are bringing to you in a puzzling “mix & match”, online, 5 week format--with you making the choices. Now it just sounds confusing, right? I can explain.
HOW DOES IT WORK?   For our first quilt, we chose the theme “Baskets”. We each designed 4 basket blocks and then combined all 8 blocks into our “Mailbox Baskets” quilt. Maria made her version of our quilt using her Japanese Taupe fabrics and I made mine using my own Hand Dyed Sueded Cottons. We were free to do whatever worked for each other’s block designs, as long as we kept the original basket. So basically we each made the same little quilt, only not the same. Kind of puzzling how that works, right?

Now it's time for the next project--Mailbox Birdhouses. This program will work the same as the Baskets, using a Birdhouse theme to welcome this long-awaited Spring.
WHAT’S NEXT?   What’s next is up to you. The first week we’ll reveal our finished quilts. This will let you see what a difference the fabric makes! You’ll then choose to join with Maria or with me. If you’ve chosen to go with Maria’s little quilt, you’ll receive my block designs and Maria’s, along with all the Taupe fabrics to make them, and any embellishments used. If Maria chose to take any “creative liberties” with my blocks you’ll have those instructions as well. If you’re making my quilt, you’ll receive the same eight patterns along with my hand dyed cottons and embellishments. We’ll send you 2 blocks a week for 4 weeks, showing you our finished blocks each week. The 5th week we’ll send you the finishing instructions on how to put your quilt top together – that’s the puzzle part!
SIGN ME UP!   OK – I’ll be glad to! Below you’ll find a link to take you to the “Mailbox Birdhouse” page. There you’ll find all the details you need. You’ll also find more info on Maria’s taupes and my hand dyes to help you make your choice on which way to go with your own little quilt. Once you’ve signed up you’ll receive a weekly package delivered right to your MAILBOX! See how that works! This second program will be active for 8 weeks, so don’t hesitate too long. Your kits will start the first Monday after your sign up date and continue for 5 weeks. We built in a little extra time so your friends can join in when they see what you’re up to before the next program begins.
IS THAT IT?   Pretty much. Either way you choose – it’s going to be good. A challenge for Maria & me. A puzzle for you. And a beautiful little quilt for everyone

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