MailBox Basket Quilt - Finished Size 27" X 39"

The blocks are in and we have a quilt! Maria’s basket blocks have a whimsical, unstructured feel to them and fun little applique accents. My blocks leaned to the geometric, traditional look – mostly. I bet you can’t wait to see how all that comes together in the Mailbox Baskets Quilt!

Now  the Details:

  • How to join: First, decide which fabrics you would like to use. The pictures below show show our finished quilts. If you choose my Hand Dyed Sueded Cottons, you will continue to receive those fabrics for the duration of the series. If you choose to make Maria's quilt you will receive her Japanese Taupe fabrics.
  • How long is the series? The series is 5 weeks. The first week you will receive the fabric and instructions to make the first 2 blocks. In addition you will receive the border and binding fabric to complete your quilt. Each week for the next 3 weeks you will continue to receive 2 block patterns, fabric, and embellishments (if they are used). On the fifth week, you will receive the complete instructions on how to assemble your puzzle quilt. And as a BONUS we will include a special gift--you're going to love it!
  • How much to join:  The cost for weeks 1-4 will be $15.00  plus $2.00 shipping per week-you will be charged weekly. The fifth week is on us!
  • Are you ready? Have you decided which version you would like to make? Click on Maria's quilt to send you to Pinwheels for her Japanese Taupe version – OR – click on my quilt to send you to Liberty Homestead to sign up for my Hand Dyed Sueded Cotton version.
                                                                                                              Here we go--Have Fun!

Glenda's Fabric 
 Hand Dyed Sueded Cottons

My 100% cotton fabrics have a wonderful, soft texture and a depth of color and subtle shading only achieved in hand dyeing. The wide range of colors and gradation packs give you an unlimited supply of inspiration and possibilities! It’s to DYE for!

Maria's Fabric 
Japanese Taupe Fabric

Taupe is a unique fabric most popular among Japanese quilters. The delicate gradation of colors and muted hues gracefully blend two or more color families to create Taupe Prints. Taupe Yarn Dyes are woven fabrics with subtle color and textures created by Japan’s age-old fabric weaving skills and taste.

MailBox Baskets Week 1 Blocks

Here are the first two baskets. Maria designed Block 1 and Glenda designed Block 8. Look at how same but different the two blocks look. 
We each decided different ways to make the blocks but keeping with the original design.

Block 1 using Glenda's Fabrics

Block 8 using Glenda's Fabrics

Block 1 using 
Maria's Fabrics

Block 8 using 
Maria's Fabrics

MailBox Baskets Week 2 Blocks

Here are the next two baskets. Maria designed Block 3 and Glenda designed Block 5. 
Glenda added applique and embroidery to her blocks. Maria opted for a bit of rick rack and a mini border on her block. 

Block 3 using Maria's Fabrics

Block 5 using Maria's Fabrics

Block 3 using 
Glenda's Fabrics

Block 5 using 
Glenda's Fabrics

MailBox Baskets Week 3 Blocks

Here are the next two baskets. Glenda designed Block 4 and Maria  designed Block 7. 
Glenda used one color fabric in her Block 4 block whereas Maria used two different fabrics. Maria opted not to embellish her Block 7 with embroidery whereas Glenda's block is embellished with embroidery.

Block 4 using Glenda's  Fabrics

Block 7 using Glenda's  Fabrics

Block 4 using 
Maria's  Fabrics

Block 7 using 
Maria's  Fabrics

MailBox Baskets Week 4 Blocks

Here are the next two baskets. Glenda designed Block 2 and Maria  designed Block 6. 
Glenda embellished her blocks with embroidery and rick rack, where as Maria left her blocks plain. 
Also, Glenda's block 6 flowers are slightly different. Both work very well.

Block 2 using Glenda's  Fabrics

Block 6 using Glenda's  Fabrics

Block 2 using 
Maria's  Fabrics

Block 6 using 
Maria's  Fabrics